Best Ceramic Plant Pots for Home in India 2022

Best Ceramic Plant Pots for Home in India 2022
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FAQ's related to Ceramic Pots for Home

Which is the best place to buy ceramic plant pots?

These planters are available in many designs, shapes and brands. You can purchase the best ceramic plant pots from any online store such as Amazon, Flipkart, trust basket, etc.

Are these ceramic pots durable?

Yes, these ceramic pots are tough and highly durable. Since they are breakable, they should be handled with care and kept away from the reach of the children.

Are the ceramic pots breakable?

Yes, these pots are breakable if dropped from a height. So they need to be handled carefully. You can also choose from a wide range of plastic and metal plant pots that are unbreakable.

Does their colour fade away with time?

The colour of the ceramic planters does not fade for many years. They remain glossy and beautiful for a long time. You can also paint them with your favourite paint if you want. Check out the best paints for pots available in India.

Are ceramic pots bad for plants?

No, these ceramic flower pots are ideal for growing plants and flowers. Unlike the plastic or metal planters, these ceramic pots are porous which means air and water can easily pass through. They also promote the plant's healthy growth by keeping the soil moist.

What are ceramic pots made of?

They are made from finely textured clay. Terra Cotta is commonly used clay for making planters. Other types of clay used are Quarts clay, Phosphate clay, Bikaner clay and china clay. These pots are glazed to provide a shiny appearance. It adds a decorative dimension of colour and texture to the finished products.

Where can I place these plant pots?

They are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. You can place them wherever you like – garden, porch, living room, dining room and balcony. You can also keep them on the study and office table. These planters are a perfect fit and will add to the décor of your home.

Can I clean the ceramic flower pots easily?

Yes, these pots require very little maintenance. They can be cleaned easily using a wet cloth.

Details Related to the ceramic pots


Plantmojo Ceramic Plant Pots


  • Golden money plant is a good indoor plant as it can prosper even in low light. Removes indoor pollutants and is an air purifier. Can be placed in living room, balcony, bedroom or in hanging baskets. It can prosper in any kind of soil, whether Clay, drought condition soil or soil full of small stones. Can survive in low light to direct sunlight, thus making it a very easy to care plant.
  • Golden snake is a NASA recommended Air purifier plant. Unlike most other plants which release oxygen throughout the day, it releases stored oxygen as the stomata open in the night.
  • Jade plants are succulent house-plants, which means that they don’t need much water to survive as succulents are originally rocky desert plants. This makes them fairly resilient and easy to grow indoors and are amongst the most popular indoor plants.

Craftghar Handmade Ceramic Pot for Home


  • ✅ 【UNIQUE HANDMADE】Absolutely unique and beautiful appearance, exquisite handmade plant pot will never be unnoticed,with this eye-catching pot, are perfect for holding bonsai plants, cactus, herb, succulent and aloe plants, etc.
  • ✅【PRETTY AND USEFUL】 Craftghar Painted and Glazed outside, makes it the most breathable pot among others. Good qualities. Special and beautiful bright colors will make your balcony and living room more concise, bright and full of artistic sense.
  • ✅【DIMENSION】 Planter Bowl : Length : 4.2 IN Width : 4.2 IN Height : 4.8 IN Because it is completely handpainted , please allow some different. Just because of handcrafting that it’s more unique.

Rolling Nature Ceramic Planter


  • Material: Natural Live Plant & Ceramic Pot, Qty: 2 (Plant with Pot), Pot Color: Red, Pot Diameter: 3 inches (8 cm), Height: 4 inches (10 cm), Plant with Pot Height: 7 - 8 Inches
  • A Perfect Plant Combo for Green Decor & Green Gifting in Red Ripple Glossy Pots by Rolling Nature. Ready potted, low maintenance, fresh plants in exquisite planters will help you to bring some good vibes & breathe fresh indoors. Unique Packaging & Safe Delivery.
  • Good Luck & Air Purifying Plant: Syngonium Represents 5 Feng Shui elements; water, fire, earth, wood and metal. Encourages positive chi or energy. Air Purifying Indoor Plant, Absorbs Indoor Pollutants such as harmful VOC's.

Ugaoo Football Ceramic Pot


  • Item Dimension: 13 cm x 13 cm x 11 cm.
  • Enhance your home décor with this beautiful pot.
  • Suitable for all type of plants.

Guuchuu Jad Plant with Ceramic Pot


  • Material :- Ceramic
  • Plant with Pot Height 7-9 inches
  • Occasion: Best for any occasion birthday, wedding anniversary, rakhi, Diwali, Christmas, Eid , Farewell

Rolling Nature Square Planter


  • Material: Natural Live Plant & Ceramic Pot, Qty: 1 (Plant with Pot)
  • Pot Color: Brown, Pot Width: 3 Inches (8cm), Height: 3 Inches (8cm)
  • Plant with Pot Height: 7 - 10 Inches

Lasaki Bowl Flower Pot for Home Indoor


  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Diameter:13 CM, Height:7 CM. FEATURES: High temperature fired ceramic, handmade and glazed; Good quality clay to ensure durability and longevity. Suitable for Indian climate; Comes with a WATER DRAINAGE HOLE at the bottom that allows water to flow through soil so live plants stay happy and healthy<br>
  • IDEAL for herbs, succulent, indoor and outdoor plants both real and artificial. Imagine this exotic planter pot in your home balcony, table top, window sills, kitchen garden, and office desk and anywhere as a decor. Clean finish for contemporary look. A positive and eco-friendly gift Item for any nature or gardening enthusiast and hobbyist. Lasaki products promote "MAKE IN INDIA" and "MADE IN INDIA" scheme.<br>
  • Clean finish for contemporary look. A positive and eco-friendly gift Item for any nature or gardening enthusiast and hobbyist. Lasaki products promote "MAKE IN INDIA" and "MADE IN INDIA" scheme.<br>

Ugaoo Apple Ceramic Flower Pot


  • Item Dimension: 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
  • Enhance Your Home Decor With this beautiful Pot.
  • Suitable For All Type of Plants.

Lyallpur Office Table Ceramic Planters


  • Thereâ€s a built-in drainage hole at the bottom of the Ceramic Pot that protects it from over-watering and keeps the plant health & clean. Place it on a saucer that can collect the excess water.

Lasaki Designer Ceramic Plant Pot


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Product Details Updated on 2022-10-02 6:23:11 UST
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