6 Unique Bamboo Plant Stands for Home in India 2023

6 Unique Bamboo Plant Stands for Home in India 2023
Product Details Updated on 2024-05-25 16:57:54 UST

FAQ's related to the Bamboo Plant Holder for Home

Are bamboo and cane same?

Although, both bamboo and cane belong to the same family of grass, yet there are some differences between them.

What are the differences between bamboo and cane?

The main difference between them is that Bamboo is tall and hollow grass with absence of secondary growth. On the other hand, cane is tall, flexible and has woody stem.

What makes Bamboo planter stands unique?

Bamboo has a naturally fine texture and a smooth finish. No two bamboo slabs are alike which gives them a different and unique look.

Can these Bamboo plant stands withstand weight of pots?

These stands are handwoven and hand burnished with superior quality raw materials. They are strong, study and can withstand plant pots weight easily.

How long bamboo gamla stands does stands last?

They are highly durable. If properly maintained in suitable environment, these bamboo stands will last from 4 -7 years.

Details Related to the ceramic pots


Zilver Handmade Cane Planter


  • DECOR - Revamp your living room, bedroom, balcony or patio with this Zilver flower pot stand uplift the ambience of any given space of your choice.; Material - Made of premium quality Cane; add a unique flower pot stand to freshen the lighting in your home or restaurant as a Round decoration to feel warm and cozy.<br>
  • HANDCRAFTED BY ARTISANS - This flower pot stand is made of natural cane. For production, it takes around 18 working hours for artisans to shape the cane and craft it to finished product by hand.<br>
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS- It comes in fully assembled condition.For maintenance avoid exposure to water,if exposed empty the stand and dry in sun, for cleaning rub with soft damp cloth. A coat of polyurethane wood finish smear is recommended as and when desired to give a face-lift.<br>

Crafty Nation Handcrafted Bamboo Flower Stand


  • ✅Handwoven & Crafted by Bamboo Cane – Crafty Nation’s Green Ambler is specially designed and handcrafted for its premium and unique looks . It takes around 24 hours to perfectly handcraft this plant stand . Thereby making it your precious asset .
  • ✅Super Strong & Sleek Design - Crafty Nation Planters are Handwoven and Hand Burnished and due to the superior quality raw materials, makes the chairs super strong. And also its sleek design amplifies your space.
  • ✅Handcrafted Beauty - Made with natural bamboo cane , Crafty Nation Planter Stand is handcrafted by very talented workmen keeping in mind very mind very minute details of the design and also its strength and durability

Hm Bamboo Plant Stand


  • SIZE : 11.5 *11.5*32.5 INCH<br>
  • 1 PES<br>

Zilver Bamboo Plant Holder hor Home Decor


  • Made of natural cane or rattan, giving it a rustic and earthy feel
  • Durable and sturdy enough to hold flower pots of various sizes
  • Lightweight and easy to move around, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use

Buy Cane Bamboo Stand for Home Indoor


  • SIZE : L : 12 INCH, W : 12 INCH , H: 20 INCH<br>
  • 1 PS<br>

Rattan Cane Flower Pot Stand Online


  • HANDCRAFTED BY ARTISANS - It is handmade by skilled artisans ,who are one of the best in their craftsmanship. For production, it takes around 6-8 working hours for an artisan to shape and craft the cane to finished product by hand. Start to finish this product do not go through any process involving machines.
  • MATERIAL - Made of natural cane/rattan
  • INSTALLATION – It comes in fully assembled condition.
Product Details Updated on 2024-05-25 16:57:54 UST
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