Peace Lily Spathiphyllum Plant Image

Peace Lily Spathiphyllum Plant Features and Details

Plant Features

  • One of the rarest indoor flowering plant.
  • NASA recommended air purifier flowering plant.
  • Easy to care and low maintenance plant.
  • Best for office desk, bedroom.
  • It makes an excellent container or house plant
  • It Beautifies Your house

More Information on Peace Lily Spathiphyllum Plant

Feilds Values
Plant Height 6-12 inch (15-30 cm)
Plant Spread 3-5 inch (7-13 cm)
Common Name Peace lily, Cobra plant.
Maximum Reachable Height Up to 40 Centimeters
Flower Colour Creamy-White.
Bloom Time Spring or early summer.
Difficulty Level Easy.
Sunlight Natural indirect /artificial bright light.
Watering Apply 3 cup (Approx. 150 ml) water when the topsoil (1-2 inch) in pot feels dry to touch.
Soil Soil should be well drain and fertile, rich in organic content.
Temperature 18 to 24 degree Celsius
Fertilizer Apply organic fertilizer once a month.
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